Maximising revision for exams

Techniques to ensure that Year 11 pupils and their parents can work together, to achieve the best possible results from Christmas holiday revision for mock GCSE’s, was the purpose of recent event at Tougher Minds partner school, Colfe’s.

Over two hundred parents and pupils attended the exam preparation evening, staged in the school’s Main Hall. They received presentations from Tougher Minds Director Jon Finn, Colfe’s Head of Academic Performance Andrew Foster and Head of History John Patterson. The event outlined the Tougher Minds “Three E” system, which ensures revision is underpinned by appropriate effort, is effective as possible and is efficient as it can be.

Jon Finn also explained how to maximise use of the Tougher Minds / Colfe’s personal performance planner, as well as the ‘STOP’ system and the “Yes I can” plan. These methods combine to ensure sufficient time is spent on revision and the correct focus is maintained.

“These successful sessions showed pupils, teachers and parents the Tougher Minds’ approach for maximising revision for exams”, Jon Finn commented.

“Our methods will enable pupils to consistently derive greater benefit from this vital aspect of their work. Colfe’s staff and significantly parents also now have powerful tools at their disposal to support and enhance the revision process, which ,of course, plays a major role in exam performance.”

Helping pupils to channel what they have learned in the correct way, in an exam setting, and thus answer questions more effectively was the subject of John Patterson’s presentation; and Andrew Foster outlined the 20/20 approach. This divides revision into 20 periods of 20 minutes each day and thus creates the best possible structure for learning. It is underpinned by the key psychological principle of distributed practice.

Colfe’s Head of Academic Performance Andrew Foster said: “As ever, the Colfe’s community demonstrated why this is the most exciting place to be in UK education right now.

“Following on from the Independent School Award, this was a brilliant reaffirmation of the passion and determination of Colfe’s pupils, parents and staff to work together, make the most of the remarkable Tougher Minds programme and achieve fantastic things in this summer’s examinations.”

Foster added: “I am very grateful to the Assistant Heads of Academic Performance Miss Beetlestone and Miss Lechmere for their assistance with the event and Mr Patterson and Jon Finn for their excellent presentations.

Jon Finn outlines Tougher Minds techniques at Colfe's School

Jon Finn outlines Tougher Minds techniques at Colfe’s School

“One parent left the school loudly exclaiming his strong desire to do O Levels himself! I take that as an indication that the evening served its purpose.”

Further sessions to deliver additional training to parents are now being planned.

These will focus on maximising use of the Tougher Minds / Colfe’s personal performance planner to support young people in their learning and also how it can benefit parents personally and professionally.

You can learn more about the positive impact of the Tougher Minds personal performance planner and the role it has played in recent success at Colfe’s – click here.
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