Education conference on “character and resilience”.

A conference to present solutions and ideas for improving levels of concentration, motivation and mental resilience among school pupils is to be staged in London, this March (19/3/2015).

The event will have the title “Developing resilient minds in education”. It will be jointly hosted by Colfe’s School in Lee and the Tougher Minds performance consultancy. The school’s recent record-breaking exam performance is attributed to Tougher Minds’ Personal Brain Management (PBM) programme, which was also voted 2014 Education initiative of the year, at the Independent School Awards.

The PBM programme is based on the latest understanding of human brain function and how that leads to practical techniques for improving emotional regulation and key mental attributes for learning. The conference will outline these and other, related approaches. Speakers will include a world expert in behaviour change, teachers, pupils and parents plus Matthew Syed, the former Commonwealth gold medallist and author of ‘Bounce – The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice’.

Developing resilient minds in education.

The conference’s themes are already being embraced by the Department of Education, which recently invited Tougher Minds Director Jon Finn to a round-table discussion, chaired by Secretary of State Nicky Morgan. The Department has also created a series of “building character” awards to recognise schools’ efforts, in this rapidly developing area.

“There is a growing recognition of the importance and value of developing key mental skills for learning and building character and mental resilience to improve performance in education and life”, said Jon Finn, Tougher Minds Director and joint conference host.

“More and more people are also recognising such approaches for their tremendous potential and value to both the individual and society. This conference will bring together a range of experts, with important experiences and perspectives, and thus create an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of what is a rapidly-developing movement in education.”

Finn added:”We believe it will be hugely valuable for senior leaders in education, head teachers, academic performance leaders, pastoral leaders and teaching staff with a remit for building mental resilience amongst pupils.”

Delegates at the ‘Developing resilient minds in education’ conference will have opportunities to see examples of best practice plus interact and network with fellow professionals.

They will gain an insight into how science underpins these “character and resilience building” approaches and how they can be implemented successfully, both inside classrooms and in everyday life.
Pupils and parents will also share their experiences and explain how that has transformed into an everyday practice for them.

The “Developing resilient minds in education conference” is hosted by Colfe’s School, Lee, London in partnership with Tougher Minds. It takes place on Thursday 19th March 2015.

The full address is:
Colfe’s School
Horn Park Lane
London SE12 8AW

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