Tougher Minds works with HSBC

Tougher Minds Director Jon Finn recently delivered a one-day training session for a group of HSBC regional business account managers. The group, based in Manchester, was given an insight into human brain function and how that can be used to maximise many aspects of daily personal performance.

This understanding, gained from the latest neuroscience, is at the core of all Tougher Minds training programmes. It highlights the way in which the human brain has evolved and shows that performing to one’s potential in modern society is a significant challenge, unless individuals are shown how to employ specific thinking skills and develop helpful habits.

Among the key concepts presented to the HSBC team, was self-control. Self-control habits are critical for maximising performance and can lead to increased personal productivity, as well as health, personal happiness and – according to research – even wealth.

”People engaged in our programmes report a 20 to 30 per cent increase in personal productivity, they also report increased morale and improved interpersonal relationships”, commented Tougher Minds Director Jon Finn.

“We see there is a virtuous cycle in the businesses and companies that engage in Tougher Minds sessions and many factors underline the effectiveness of the training.”

Tougher Minds Director Jon Finn presents to a team of HSBC Regional account managers.

Tougher Minds Director Jon Finn presents to a team of HSBC Regional account managers.

Anthony Wild, HSBC regional relationship manager , was among the group, which participated in the training. He said: ”The session was very well received by our team. We work in a fast paced environment and we face a number of daily demands; the Tougher Minds programme is very different from other types of training we receive.

“Marginal gains and improvements can bring massive benefits to us and the team have been provided with a number of tools that can help promote improved performance”.

He added: “We have been given a range of excellent material but have also been shown how to narrow that down, in order to develop beneficial habits and improve self-control to increase improvements in performance and efficiency.

“These tools will be extremely useful and we now understand the need to work on them for a number of weeks and months in order to reap the rewards.”

Hayley Miller, HSBC’s Deputy Area Director of Sales for Manchester Business Banking also added, “I spoke to two or three of my colleagues on the way out and they were all not ready for the session to finish, they were all completely still engaged.

“Even two hours after lunch, they were all still in learning mode and were fascinated by the subject matter.

“They all have individual elements that they’ll take away and start to work with, which is great.”

You can also view this short video of the session:

Tougher Minds works with HSBC from Pre-Shot on Vimeo.

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