International education conference hosts Tougher Minds

Tougher Minds Founder and Director Jon Finn has recently presented an overview of his consultancy’s award winning self-control, character and resilience education programmes to an international audience of head teachers and school senior managers.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Dr. Angela Duckworth – who is known for her research into the area – was also among the speakers at the one day conference. The City of London event, staged in late June, attracted over 100 delegates from across Europe and was organised by Osiris Education, the UK’s largest independent teacher training provider. It was intended to help senior teachers and school leaders seeking to deliver the Department for Education’s (DfE) character and resilience agenda.

Tougher Minds Founder and Director Jon Finn.

Tougher Minds Founder and Director Jon Finn.

Jon Finn had previously presented Tougher Minds successful methods to the current Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, when he was invited to participate in round-table discussions by the DfE in 2014.

“The Osiris event provided a great opportunity for us to share the insight we have developed through Tougher Minds work with pupils, parents and teachers and I was delighted to present to what was a diverse range of senior education professionals.”, commented Jon Finn.

“However at Tougher Minds, we feel it’s vital that character education is not simply viewed as an add-on to other elements of the curriculum and school life. Rather it should be an integral part of all education.

“In addition to outlining our highly effective approaches for teaching young people to independently deploy the self-control and resilience they need to be successful in education and life, the event was also another chance to highlight these beliefs.”

Finn added:“We have seen a significant positive impact on pupils from Tougher Minds programmes and it is again pleasing that the power and effectiveness of our work can be recognised by leaders in all sectors of education.”

Tougher Minds provides a range of programmes for schools which have been shown to Improve grades, pupil recruitment, learning, homework, concentration, classroom behaviour, exam performance and extra curricular sport. These provide support for pupils, teachers and parents.The Tougher Minds Personal Change Management (PBM) programme, which explicitly teaches self-control and resilience for improved academic and personal performance was voted 2014 Education initiative of the year at the Independent School Awards.

Education and "grit" researcher Dr Angela Duckworth.

Education and “grit” researcher Dr Angela Duckworth.

Dr Angela Duckworth has undertaken extensive research into how self-control, and what she terms “grit”, is a predictor for achievement. She has also presented one of the well known TED Talks and founded a non-profit summer school for low-income children in the United States. Duckworth was a maths teacher for five years.

Osiris Educational are one of the UK’s leading independent teacher training providers. They provide effective training solutions in teaching, using the best and most renowned trainers to help teachers improve their ways of thinking and approaches. Over 30,000 teachers have attended their courses in recent years.

If you feel Tougher Minds can help you or your organisation, or if you would like to know more about our performance programmes for education or business, please contact us today.

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