Improving habits for better business performance.

Global tractor parts specialist Vapormatic is the latest company to benefit from a Tougher Minds One-day business workshop. The training shows people how to develop helpful thinking skills and specific self-control habits for business and industry, and uses insights from the latest understanding of neuroscience.

It was delivered to staff and management at the company’s UK headquarters in Exeter, Devon. The Vapormatic Company Limited is owned by Deere & Company inc. (John Deere), the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in the world.

As part of the workshop, the Vapormatic team were trained to use the Tougher Minds Lite performance planners, which allow users to effectively monitor and analyse their own behaviour, in order to create positive changes and develop new habits for success. The planner has been proven to be both a powerful and user-friendly means of achieving this.

Here is a selection of quotes from members of the Vapormatic team who experienced the training:

  • “A very constructive, helpful and interesting training session, which would benefit our entire organisation.”
  • “I really appreciated the way they drove the group by giving us time to think about the exposed ideas and new methods for working with ourselves.”
  • “Shows us how we can change our life step by step.”
  • “It helped to highlight areas I need to work on, or thoughts/process I need to put into place to help me cope when problems/situations arise. The Will Power section was very useful and I will try to keep it in mind. The Jess Ennis story was inspiring – good to know others have to work hard to achieve their goals – it doesn’t just happen for them.”
  • “Shows us how we can change our habits.”

“We have received tremendously positive feedback from the Vapormatic team following the one-day business workshop.“, commented Tougher Minds Director Jon Finn.

“Like many people involved in business and industry they are seeking to increase personal and collectively performance in daily life and our experience and research shows that Tougher Minds techniques can support them to achieve this.”

Finn added: ”Tougher Minds training will develop key mental attributes and habits which allow people to become more resilient and healthier and happier and this balance is a key ingredient of 21st century success.”

Delegates attending Tougher Minds business workshops and training report a wide range of benefits. These include a 20 to 30 per cent increase in personal productivity, increased morale and improved interpersonal relationships. A virtuous cycle is created in the businesses and companies engaging in the training.

The Vapormatic Company markets one of the largest ranges of replacement tractor parts and accessories in the world and distributing products to a growing customer base in over 90 countries. Its head office is in the UK, with regional subsidiaries in France, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Mexico and New Zealand. The business was acquired by John Deere in 2001 and has since undergone a sustained period of growth and portfolio expansion.

If you feel Tougher Minds can help you or your organisation, or if you would like to know more about our Personal Change Management and Leadership programmes, please contact us.

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