Transform your business like Jessica Ennis-Hill and the All Blacks

Companies and businesses of all types can learn lessons from elite sporting champions to boost the performance and wellbeing of their employees.

That is the insight Tougher Minds has gained via our use of the latest insight from sports psychology and neuroscience to help our business clients.

Tougher Minds Director Jon Finn has recently released “The Elite Business Athlete”, an ebook which outlines six practical applications of this approach and the key factors that have a positive impact on performance, health and happiness. You can download your free copy here.

Case studies in the book include newly crowned 2015 Sportswoman of the Year Jessica Ennis-Hill, Sir Clive Woodward, Jonny Wilkinson, tennis star Novak Djokovic and the Rugby World Cup winning New Zealand All Blacks.

“The Elite Business Athlete book provides an overview of some key performance psychology concepts that will boost resilience and help people to become healthier, happier, and high-performing.“, said Jon Finn.

“The strength of Tougher Minds training programmes is the way in which they make potentially complex ideas both practical and tangible. The book explains some of our core performance principles and uses these stories of elite sporting success to illustrate how ALL people can incorporate them and benefit.”

Finn added: “As well as the power of the approaches and techniques themselves, sport has never enjoyed a higher profile and broader appeal, so we believe it can be a powerful means of engaging employees and colleagues.”

The Elite Business Athlete includes a chapter on how to build robust confidence, using the example of World and Olympic Heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis-Hill and her successful comeback from a potentially career ending injury prior to the Beijing games in 2008.

It also highlights the build-up to and aftermath of the All Blacks’ recent Rugby World Cup triumph. Many seasoned rugby observers pointed out how the team drew on a collective and individual mental resilience to see them home, in the face of several on-field set-backs and challenges. Many of the same accounts also explained that although the All Blacks have long been a global sporting icon, they have not always boasted such strong resolve and only gained it via a very deliberate process of learning how key mental processes could help them and thus deciding they should collectively develop these mental skills to support performance.

Tougher Minds Personal Change Management and Leadership programmes for business also include many similar, practical approaches. They use the latest insight from sports psychology and neuroscience to help people transform their business performance. They have been praised for improving performance, health and happiness by various companies including HSBC and global agricultural giants Vapormatic.

“My colleagues were not ready for the session to finish. Even two hours after lunch they were all in learning mode and were fascinated by the subject matter.”, Deputy Area Director of Sales, Major Bank

Business schools and Universities delivering industry training programmes have also praised their effectiveness.

“I feel the Tougher Minds programme has given us all an understanding of how we can take charge of ourselves and how this can be used to improve personal and collective performance. I can’t recall any other training which has asked us to think about ourselves and our performances in this way.”, Dean of Faculty, Major Business School.

To download your FREE copy of The Elite Business Athlete click here.

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