Tougher Minds works with Bradford school

Tougher Minds is to deliver its award winning education programmes to GCSE students at St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College in Bradford. The school will be the first in the state sector, outside London, to work with consultancy.

Tougher Minds programmes – which are based on the latest understanding of brain function and how this affects learning, motivation, wellbeing and daily habits – have been proven to deliver benefits across whole schools. These include improved academic performances, enhanced resilience, improvements in morale and growth mindsets. The project at St Bede’s and St Joseph’s will be delivered to 30 Year 11 pupils who are studying for GCSEs. It will also involve the school’s teachers and parents.

Tougher Minds Head of Education Andrew Foster (right) meets with St Bede's teacher Mr. Liam King.

Tougher Minds Head of Education Andrew Foster (right) with St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Lead Practitioner Mr. Liam King.

A central element of Tougher Minds’ education and Personal Change Management programmes is the Personal Performance Planner , which allows users to monitor and improve their daily habits. A bespoke version of this document has been developed for the work with St Bede’s and St Joseph’s, which has already begun.

“We are delighted to be working with the teachers, pupils and staff at St Bede’s and St Joseph’s in Bradford “, said Dr. Jon Finn, Tougher Minds Founder and Managing Director.

“Our programme within what is a highly-successful and progressive school has already begun to take effect and has generated great positive feedback. We look forward to continuing the delivery and supporting significant improvements in performance and wellbeing for all.”

St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Deputy Headteacher Paul Mulligan also commented: “It has been great to work with a company like Tougher Minds; the focus on the neuroscience of learning has already made a big impact on the 30 boys taking part in the project.

“We look forward to continuing this relationship with Tougher Minds in the future and we are planning to extend the project to include all students.”

Bernadette Milnes’ son Rowan is one of the Year 11 pupils taking part in the programme at St Bede’s and already she is seeing the benefits.

“He’s loving the Tougher Minds programme.”, she commented. “He has seen how it can help him get the best out of himself, both in school and with his rugby league, as he is on the books at Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.

“I’ve seen a change in the way he behaves already – getting his kit ready the night before instead of the last minute, planning out his homework and revision, watching his sleep, diet and exercise and making conscious efforts to improve them.”

Mrs Milnes added: “My nephew is also on the course, and my sister and I couldn’t be more delighted that the boys have a chance to learn how to deal with not only these GCSEs but the other challenges that lie ahead. It’s great that St Bede’s and St Joseph’s are so forward thinking.”

Tougher Minds Head of Education Andrew Foster is leading programme delivery at St Bede’s and St Joseph’s. This is a return to familiar territory for the Bradford -born Foster. He is based in London, but the former Bradford Grammar School pupil grew up in the Allerton area of the city.

“Tougher Minds will be helping pupils, teachers and parents at St Bede’s and St Joseph’s to understand the neuroscience of learning, concentration, motivation and confidence”, he said.

“I look forward to working together to create improvements and benefits for all in their education and lives.”

Strong evidence shows that Tougher Minds programmes dramatically improve all aspects of school work including learning, homework, concentration, behaviour, GCSE and A’ Level exam performance and extra curricular sport.

The Tougher Minds Personal Change Management (PCM) programme, which explicitly teaches self-control and resilience for improved academic and personal performance was voted 2014 Education initiative of the year at the Independent School Awards.

As well as its work at independent schools including Colfe’s in London and AKS Lytham, Tougher Minds has recently completed a successful project with North London state school Quintin Kynaston.

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