Five practical and highly effective things to improve exam revision

Tougher Minds Head of Education Andrew Foster has produced a Blog that once again includes a video, which, this week, is shot in a very notable location. Andrew has a message for young people facing GCSE,’A’Level and other kinds of exams in the coming weeks.

Andrew has also produced this list of five practical and highly effective things you can do to get yourself to organised revision sessions when you know you will be tempted not to attend:

  1. Add the sessions to your revision calendar. Have a very clear idea of when
    and where they are taking place.
  2. Set an alarm for when the revision session takes place, or if you are coming
    from home, when you need to leave the house to get to the revision session. If
    you can, attach a picture to your clock, or a message to the alert on the phone
    that will remind you why it is in your interest to go to the session.
  3. Tell other people, particularly parents and teachers, what classes you intend
    to attend and when. If you can, recruit your nan and/or granddad to give you
    ring to check you are on your way. You probably owe them a chat on the phone
  4. Get in the habit of ringing someone, most likely your mum and dad, straight
    after the session to let them know what you learned. This will not only let them
    know you have attended, but will also help secure the learning.
  5. Arrange to do something fun with friends who are also in the revision
    session. Only go if you attend the session!

As Andrew says;” These suggestions may be common sense but they are not common practice. Use them to get more out of yourself this exam season!”

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