Improving exam revision

Tougher Minds has staged a mock GCSE exam preparation evening for pupils and parents, which showed how to improve the effectiveness of revision and learning.

The event was organised in partnership with Colfe’s School and was staged at the University of Greenwich. Tougher Minds Founder and Director Jon Finn lead the presentations alongside Head of Education Andrew Foster, who also works at Colfe’s as Head of Academic Performance.

During the event, simple and practical techniques were demonstrated for making the most of revision time. Parents were also shown how to provide the most effective support and help, in the home environment.

“We know that our exam preparation sessions for parents and pupils help create a virtuous cycle of improved performance between the classroom and the family home.”, said Jon Finn.

“They compliment our broader education programmes which support pupils in their studies and their lives in general. They also help parents improve their own performance and wellbeing, in life and work.”

Tougher Minds' Director Jon Finn, talks to parents at the revision and exam preparation evening at Greenwich University.

Tougher Minds’ Director Jon Finn, talks to parents at the revision and exam preparation evening at Greenwich University.

Teaching staff from Colfe’s School also contributed to the evening. The areas covered during the presentations included the following:

– How to maintain motivation and confidence when exams are approaching.

– Effective revision planning and goal setting.

– How to keep track of your revision progress.

– How self-testing can be the best preparation.

– The 20:20 rule – spend the right amount of time per topic, and maximise learning.

– How to maximize your learning over the Christmas holidays, and have quality downtime.

Tougher Minds exam and revision preparation sessions are part of our successful programmes for Education and High-Performance parenting, which are based on the latest neuroscience.

Qualitative and quantitative data repeatedly shows that pupils who engage in the full Tougher Minds programme perform significantly better in their GCSEs.

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