Tougher Minds Bite-size Parent Training Event

By Andrew Foster, Head of Education, Tougher Minds.

I want to use my blog this week to announce that Tougher Minds is staging a new bite-size parent and pupil training event on March 10th. It will help parents to support their children at vitally important stages of their life and education. For maximal learning and impact we would encourage parents and children to attend the event together – but we understand if you feel it would be better for you to attend the event without your child.

The event will take place at the Institute of Education in central London and will offer parents and pupils the chance to learn about the simple and practical techniques which we have developed to boost health, happiness and academic performance.

The event will be comprised of two separate sessions. The first is for families with young children, particularly those in Years 5, 6 and 7. We want to help them understand how best to support their children through what is an increasingly pressurised time – choosing and applying to senior or secondary schools, sitting entrance exams and then settling in as the newest and youngest member of their senior school community.

I am increasingly seeing similarities between this and the period leading up to university admissions – the crucial difference being that the young people at the sharp end of the process are only 9, 10 or 11 years old, not 17, 18 and 19! The good news is that Tougher Minds techniques can help them reduce stress and maximise the fantastic opportunities open to them.

The second will be for GCSE, AS and A Level pupils and their families. Attendees will gain insight and practical techniques which will greatly assist them with the challenges that exam season brings. We will show how to improve exam results by, beating procrastination, improving revision quality, building confidence, managing stress, and thinking clearly during exams.

The award winning Tougher Minds programme has a successful track record in both the independent and state sectors and has benefitted parents and their children during challenging exam and transition periods.

Colfe’s parents have told me just how vital they see Tougher Minds to their children’s success. Only this week, one mother whose son sat his GCSEs last summer remarked on how, before the Tougher Minds programme, he had seen himself as someone that could not achieve. After taking part in the programme, he had not only the tools to increase his learning but also his confidence, and A*s and As were the result.

This is not just a public examination story; Tougher Minds has an established reputation for helping younger children flourish – work which began at the Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools. More recently, Parents of Year 7 pupils at Quintin Kinston school in North London have been delighted to see their children coming home from school and planning out their evenings, going to bed earlier and swapping their iPads for books, all of their own accord.


Watch the videos below and hear directly from the pupils, parents and teachers we have already worked with:[video_box]


During my work, in a wide variety of schools in the state and independent sector, in the UK and abroad, I have not seen anything that has as great an impact on the health, happiness and performance of pupils as the Tougher Minds programme; and anything that is as practical and accessible. It has been an absolute joy to watch young (and not-so young!) people flourish through their use of Tougher Minds techniques.

I sincerely hope as many of you as possible can attend these sessions which have the potential to bring huge benefit to you and your families.

Here are the event details:

Tougher Minds training for Parents – Wednesday 10th March, 2016.

Session One (6.45pm-7.45pm) Support children with entrance exams / 11 plus or transition to senior school.
Price: EARLY BIRD £40 per attendee (until 9th Feb).
*How to reduce stress and build confidence.
*Truly effective revision planning and goal setting.
*How to boost concentration in class.
*How to deal with the big step up in homework.
*How to maximize your learning, and have quality downtime.

To book this session click here.

Session Two (8.15pm-9.15pm) Improve GCSE and A Level exam results: parent and teenager session.
Price: EARLY BIRD £40 per attendee (until 9th Feb).
*How to maintain motivation and manage stress when exams are approaching. (Iceberg)
*Truly effective revision planning and goal setting.
*How to keep track of your revision progress.
*The 20:20 rule – spend the right amount of time per topic, and maximise learning.
*How to think clearly during exams.

To book this session click here

A number of families have already reserved tickets for this event, so don’t miss out.

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