Enhancing management and leadership skills

Tougher Minds has delivered its Personal Change Management and Leadership training to a senior group of Postgraduate students and Researchers, as part of an annual personal development event at leading Scottish University.

The Aberdeen-based Robert Gordon University (RGU) stages its Research Student Gathering once a year. The location is a dedicated facility known as, “The Burn”; a picturesque estate in the countryside nearby.

The participants learned Tougher Minds simple and practical skills to improve daily thinking habits and enhance personal productivity, wellbeing, efficiency and effectiveness.

Leadership training

Dr Jon Finn delivers Tougher Minds Personal Change Management and Leadership training to the group from Robert Gordon University.

“This was an excellent training programme with all researchers fully engaged and clearly immediately adopting aspects of the training even before we had returned to the University.”, commented Linda Lawton, Professor of Environmental Biology at RGU.

She added: “It was very practical and delivered in a way that models areas of the training. It made me think about my own lecturing style.”

Dr James Njuguna, Director of Research at RGU’s School of Engineering also commented: “Tougher Minds provided excellent interactive training, stimulating a self-discovery process and recovery on the way to better personal traits.”

Dorothy McDonald, RGU’s Postgraduate Programme Co-ordinator, also commented: “Tougher Minds bespoke programme was insightful, relevant, current and has equipped me with the personal skills required to achieve my goals.”

The benefits of Tougher Minds Personal Change Management and Leadership programmes also include improved levels of concentration, motivation and personal performance by students. Plus the students also learned to successfully integrate the Tougher Minds Personal Performance planner for their long term benefit. The employability of all participants was also enhanced by the developing of these resilience skills.

Tougher Minds has previously worked with participants on and RGU’s Research Student Gathering and developed a formal accreditation for those participating in the training, in partnership with University staff. At the conclusion of three-day course all attendees received the Tougher Minds Research Resilience certificate.

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