New Summer Success Coaching programme for young children and teenagers

We’ve just released details of our NEW online course, Summer Success. Play this video to find out more…

It enables families to help their young people maximise the time away from the classroom, enjoy a refreshing and productive summer and make tangible progress towards their academic and life goals. The new Summer Success Coaching programme starts on July 2nd. It offers our award-winning training in an accessible online format and can be accessed anywhere.


“As soon as he comes through the door he [my son] just wants to crack on with his homework. I can’t believe it is the same boy!” – A parent who has participated in Tougher Minds training.

This programme covers the following key areas:

  • Academic subjects: build on strengths and address weaknesses to hit the ground running in September.
  • Sports and fitness: develop habits that help develop skills and readiness for the seasons ahead.
  • Well-being and lifestyle: get up, get out and enjoy the chance for sunshine and fresh air.
  • Music and the arts: progress through practice and achieve your potential.
  • University and Careers: plan in advance to enrich your application through wider reading, work experience and deliberate reflection – particularly vital for competitive courses such as Oxbridge, medicine and law.

Places on Summer Success are limited, To find out more, click here.

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