How to Boost Motivation and Personal Drive Webinar

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How to Boost Motivation and Personal Drive

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In this webinar, we will discuss motivation, help you understand much more about exactly what it is, and the simple and practical techniques and tools everyone can use to boost motivation and personal drive.

You will learn:

  • How to set and achieve your 2021 goals
  • Why motivating yourself can be difficult
  • How to Motivative yourself
  • Why you can get better at anything
  • Importance of setting goals
  • How to make motivation easy by building your own F.A.M.® Story
  • How to make it easier to get things done

This is a short, entertaining TED talk-style presentation by Dr Jon Finn, Founder of the award-winning performance consultancy, Tougher Minds. It will be followed by a discussion and a Q&A.

This webinar was scheduled for January 7th 2021. Please watch on-demand version above.

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