World-Class hybrid & remote working for your people and teams

Free on-demand Webinar for Senior Leaders – Learn how to empower resilience, wellbeing and high-performance.


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Has remote working created challenges for your people and teams around leadership, management, wellbeing, productivity and performance?

How much is this costing your business?

What if there was a science-based way to effectively overcome these challenges and successfully prepare your people for hybrid and remote work success?

In this engaging webinar we will share insights from cutting-edge brain and habit science to show how your business can empower everyone to be world-class at work.

These insights can quickly help your people and teams to overcome remote working challenges, prepare them for hybrid work and propel everyone to new levels of wellbeingresilience and performance.

You will learn how to begin helping your people to develop more helpful habits and Purposeful Developmental Mindsets.

We will cover:

1. An introduction to how our brains work. We’ll show why most of what we think and do is a mindless habit, and why achieving optimal well-being and performance can be challenging.

2. A simple tool to help your people analyse their own helpful and unhelpful habits (we provide this for FREE).

3. A roadmap you can use to help your people and teams to achieve world-class levels of hybrid work.

This will be a short, entertaining TED talk-style presentation by Dr Jon Finn, Founder of the award-winning performance consultancy, Tougher Minds. It will be followed by a discussion and a Q&A.

For senior leaders, HR leaders and managers.

This webinar took place on Dec 9th. Please watch on-demand version above.

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Learn how to Improve Your Peoples’ and Team’s Happiness and Performance by Over 25% in 90 Days Using A NEW Science-Based 5-Step Framework with Dr Jon Finn’s leadership coaching.



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