The Me Power Daily Challenge

Have more great days in two simple steps

Writing down your answers to the questions and prompts in this blog will make the exercise more powerful.

Step 1

Make your days productive and fulfilling – a simple plan

Do you want to have more great days? Do you want to feel that you have been productive in your work or done your best to make progress towards your big goals?

We have created a simple two-step plan to achieve this. It capitalises on scientific insight into how habits drive 98% of what we do.

The steps we outline will help you understand your behaviour and plan to develop more helpful habits. These will make it easier to be your best more often.

Start the day by planning
To give ourselves the best chance of improving our focus, productivity and happiness, we should start our day by setting goals.

First, think about the goals that you want to achieve this week. Then write down up to five things (or as many as is helpful) that you want to achieve today to help you feel good about yourself and progress towards your weekly goals.

As well as the tasks you want to achieve, you can also set some performance and well-being goals. Here are some examples:

Helpful Daily Habits
Occasionally turn-off phones or the internet to minimise any potential distractions.

  • Go for a 5 minute walking break every hour.
  • Plan some downtime during the day for relaxing and recharging; even if this is only for a short period.
  • Write down specific times in the day when you will have a piece of fruit, drink a glass of water, stop working or be in bed reading a book (not an electronic screen).

Step 2

Reflect at the end of the day

How well did you do your best to be your best today? By answering this in a deliberate and structured manner, at the end of every day, we are developing the habit of thinking more helpfully about each day.

You can do this by writing down a response to each of the following questions:
Did your efforts today help you to make progress towards the goals you set for yourself this week (and this month)?

How well you did your best to be your best and achieve your goals today (use a scale from 0 to 10, where 10 means you gave your very best efforts)?
Finish by writing down one small thing you can do in the next 24 hours to help you be even better.

By doing this you are learning to control your A.P.E. Brain and building habits that help us to be more productive, make more progress towards our major goals and help us develop the confidence to overcome challenges

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